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Side effects of Copaiba oil

Side-Effects of Copaiba essential oil

Spespecially for the Copaiba essential oil can cause side effects such as stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, tremor, groin pain, and sleeplessness if use it as a medicine. The essential Oil is often steam or alcohol distilled and standardized on beta caryophyllene. But this Sesquiterpene (a class of terpenes) is not the only one of a number of 72 terpenes. Nature, in fact, has foreseen that the Copaiba Oil is a powerhouse of ingredients and works closely together like a Swiss clockwork. If the puzzle misses just one component as a result of the distillation, you will never achieve the level of therapeutical success possible to benefit you.

One of the major problems with Copaiba essential oil is the Marketing wrong Labels or non-existent seals of quality. It is not widely known that a manufacturer advertises with pure Therapeutic Quality but this is a hoax. These are only an invented Quality Seal and a own Trademark of the “Manufacturer”. Not one accredited laboratory knows this “standard”.

The question one should always ask oneself is this: Why does a company spend a great deal of time, effort and money to build a own Quality-Seal? If nothing to hide it is easily to use an external, independent laboratory – but this now is our personal opinion in conclusion.

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Side-Effects of pure Copaiba oil

In comparison to the Copaiba essential Oil, the raw Copaiba Resin has already been examined on various studies. Various acute toxicity test´s showed that the oil-resin has a low toxicity. In fact, it seems likely that raw copaiba oil-resin modulates the inflammatory response by decreasing the chronic inflammatory infiltrate, edema and specifically the number of macrophages.

Acute oral toxicity test

In a study with Swiss albino mouse (Mus musculus), weighing 20 to 30 g, received a dose of 2000 mg/kg raw Copaiba Oil and were observed for 48 h. If the animal survived, the other 4 animals were sequentially tested with the same dose. The survival of 3 or more animals qualifies as the LD50 greater than 2000 mg/kg which results a low toxicity

On the acute oral toxicity test, none of the animals tested with the limit dose (2000 mg/kg/day) died or had any sign or symptom of toxicity during the 48-h test. Thus, the dose prescribed for this study was 10% of the limit dose and the copaiba oil-resin group of animals received 200 mg/kg/day and the control animals received 200 mL/kg/day of Tween 20.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

A well known Side-Effect of raw Copaiba Oil which is a result of a overdose or that our body is not used to coping with, can be diarrhoea and weight-loss. But, normally, these problems disappears again if the dose at the beginning is reduced. If you are unsure then use Copaiba oil for your skin only or ask you your doctor or pharmacist.

Based on various studies, the raw Copaiba Oil looks like the safest application compared to Copaiba essential Oil.

Summary of Side-Effects

Summarising the above, it can be said that, pure Copaiba oil from the wild currently undergoes extensive clinical testing. In various studies it could be shown that the non-essential Oil that even after application of clinical doses during longer periods no toxicity was observed. For that reason, and owing to the sustainability and rainforest conservation we should always prefer the pure Copaiba Oil as the Amazon Indians used.

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