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Is Copaiba oil safe for Cats?

Raw copaiba or Copaiba essential oil for cats?

Everyone is talking about essential Oils and they are also a popular way to increase the well-being. But if you have a Cat, you also should extremely carefully, thus preventing them from being affected by poisoning. Eucalyptus oil for the cold, lavendar helped calm and tea tree oil as antibacterial all-rounder – Essential oils become very popular in recent years.

But not all, what is good for humans is also healthy for our cats. For Cats many of these essential oils are absolute poisons. Pure tea-tree oil essence, can may lead to the death of cats as well as other oils rich in terpenoids! Luckily there are a safe alternative from the deeps of the Amzona Rainforest – Called Raw Copaiba Oil.

Teething can cause stress which, in addition to the welfare consequences for the Babies, may influence burdens on parents. But did you know that the US Food & Drug Administration not to make a recommendation using teething gel on babies? The Administration is concerned about the appropriation on theeting-products for babies which contain the substance ‘OTC benzocaine’. This substance is a longer-acting local anaesthetic that often leads to side-effects like hypersensitivity (allergic) reactions, contact allergies, pustules or wheals, erythema, oedema or stomach cramps.

So, this is certainly not the solution concerned parents wish. But fortunately, the wild array of nature still exists: Bioactive components from wild primordial plants. With raw Copaiba Oiol you have the chance to help and support your babie on theeding. Completely without any chemistry and without contamination by pesticides. Pure Copaiba Oil shall be deemed safe and has been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Rainforest.

The raw and not essential Copaiba Oil has recently been the subject of many academic studies and is assumed to be one of the world´s most strongest non-steroidal anti-inflammatory natural drug. Unlike traditional antibiotics – The effect is natural nature. Copaiba containing an natural active substance called beta caryophyllene. This terpene as been well-known for its antiinflammatory effects and the folk medicine has traditionally used it for the treatment of burns, gum bleeding or pain and also in treating attacks from parasites.

For babies older than 3 months you could rub the raw Copaiba oil teething remedy mixture along their gum line inside their mouth or as well pure. To intensify the effect, just combine the Copaiba with Andiroba Oil. Both oil have a traditional use and are related to each other and they can reinforce each other. When you want to mix the oil with toothpaste, the proportion of Copaiba should be 10% up to a maximum of 20%.

Source: https://www.fda.gov/

Teething with natural Copaiba drops

In contrast to chemical gels and when considering certain basic rules that resemble to the principles of classical homeopathy, no side-effects are to be expected and never occurred in thousands of treatments.

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