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Food grade Copaiba oil

Is Copaiba essential oil in Food-Grade?

Copaiba essential oil is a distilled oil that is standardized to have an constant as possible Content of β-Caryophyllen. Natural Caryophyllen is a strong terpene with a proved powerful regenerating, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, calming, antiseptic and antifungal action. Because of the Copaiba essential strong effects, we recommend to uses the essential Oil for shorter periods of approx 2 weeks to achieve the desired effect. As with every essential oils the Copaiba essential oil can also cause contact allergies. Furthermore, when taking the Copaiba essential oil can lead to side-effects like significant stomach problems, gastrointestinal disturbance and mild skin rashes. Much in this area that has not yet been properly researched and it is often about pure Marketing to sell the essential oil at high prices.

Is raw Copaiba oil in Food-Grade?

Contrary to the Copaiba essential oil, the raw Copaiba Oil from the wild have been extensively documented in countless studies and projects. Completely without marketing jargon. It is also true that raw Copaiba Oil has already been used by the Natives over 1.000 of years ago, including the Incas in Peru, the Mayan and the Wai-Wai who were in work with today.

On the basis of the legal provisions we can´t say that our raw Copaiba Oil is for Food or for the absorption of your health. But we can tell you that our Copaiba is in Food-Grade. The raw Resin comes from wild and centennial trees from unspoilt Amazon Rainforest, which will be harvest by our native friends. With their help we produce the world´s most sustainable and insecticide-free Copaiba Oil such as the Natives had used it from the prime.

Copaiba Resin

Wild Copaiba oil in Food-Grade

When using Copaiba Oil, better trust the traditional ancient knowledge of the indigenous people and the ancestral forces of nature and not the screams by profit-seeking business mens. With the Food-Grade Copaiba Oil by Samuria you support real Indians and the Protection one of the last untouched natural forests.

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