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Benefits of Copaiba oil

The benefits of wild Copaiba Oil are very extensive and offers a wide range of functions and applications. Traditionally, the pure Copaiba has been used on inflammation, detoxification, stress, diseases of the ear, nose and throat, bronchitis and asthma. In addition to this, the Indigenous Peoples use the pure Copaiba Oil at parasitic- and fungal diseases.

The actions presented here on wild Copaiba Oil are for informational purposes only, for a self-study and as a supplementary tool to the traditional benefits of Copaiba Oil. The research of Copaiba is not yet fully complete and the given informations are based in part on experiences and smaller-scale studies on Copaiba. According to our opinion, Copaiba could be a real “panacea“.

Copaiba Oil

1. Natural Disinfectant

One of the best known benefits of copaiba oil is as a effective germicide and antibacterial efficacy. Slinical studies shows that certain chemicals like terpenes only found in Copaiba Balsam works like anti-microbial agents. It interrupt the reproduction by a enzyme blockade that prevents the spreading of bacteria. It can eliminating also the eggs and larvae, thus preventing all reproduction on some parasites and mites.

At the same it is used orally or even externally like a natural Fungicide to control diseases caused in particular by fungi (Candida albicans).

2. Topical Anti-inflammatory

Copaiba oil has been considered as one of the nature’s most efficient anti-inflammatory agent, that can supports the inside and the outside of the body evenly. This Benefit is what makes copaiba becoming more popular such an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Copaiba have identified two subtypes of cannabinoids called CB1 and CB2. The main chemical substance of is the cannabinoid beta-caryophyllene (BCP) wich is known from the CBD- or Cannabis Oil.  The beta-caryophyllene – a CB2 receptor – works within the immune system where they affect T-4 helper cells and white blood cells to support healthy immune function while potentiate the body’s innate immune system to reduce inflammation. The BCP from Copaiba does NOT affect the body like the psychoactive cannabinoids in marijuana. But it is precisely this which Copaiba makes it so interesting.

But beta-caryophyllene not the only Factor how it is often talked. Rather, this is only a sales laundry of dubious MLM-companies (Multi-Level-Marketing). Because it has up of 72 different types of sesquiterpene and beta-caryophyllene is only one of this full-spectrum of ingredients. The Fact is: beta-caryophyllene very heat resistant and thus predestined for use in distillation to win the essential Copaiba Oil. The problem, however, is the most of the other sesquiterpene are bound to volatile organic compounds. The bioactive substances are extremely sensitive to heat and vaporising at temperatures of destillation or become inactive. With the essential Copaiba oil one experiences mainly the effect of beta-caryophyllene but the full range of the activity spectrum are often remains unknown.

That is why we should prefer the pure and wild Copaiba Oil with all its vital substances and positive characteristic properties made by the untouched nature in the deep of the Amzon Rainforest. Therefore use the same Copaiba Oil as the Amazon Indians also use it!

3. Natural Diuretic

Copaiba Oil is a potent candidate as a natural Diuretic and for the production of drugs and pharmaceutical formulations like intimate care- and personal hygiene products. Copaiba contains various substances in the oil with diuretic properties that enhances the kidney functionality. It is confirmed by the most consumers that if one takes a teaspoonful of Copaiba (don´t take the essential oil) 6 weeks long on an empty stomach, approx. 2 hours before the breakfast, has curative effect on diuretic properties and can used for the treatment of the kidneys and for supporting the detoxication of the liver.

4. Natural Expectorant

According to the latest traditional brazilian medicine should the inhalation acts as an expectorant on the mucus of the respiratory tracts. Traditionally the pure Copaiba is true used as an expectorant who seems to have strong antigen properties to treat bronchitis. Copaiba has also been used to treat fungal lung infections (like Aspergillosis), phlegm- and smoker’s cough and could possibly even also be able to provide assistance with COPD.

Do not make any self-experimentation. In some people, the Oil It may cause indigestion and stomach upsets (mainly in cases of high dosing). The activity spectrum of pure Copaiba Oil seems to gigantic and it is therefore also quite important is to take it under directions of a doctor.

5. Unexplainable Energizer

Many users and consumers report a high stimulating spiritual energy. Many individuals have perceived unique changes in their physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, effects like less tiredness, more energy and enhance life quality. To be honest, we do not know where does the effect comes. Maybe it increase the strength of the immune system and the increase of T-4 helper cells. Unfortunately we can not provide any answers scientifically and information about the energizing effect of Copaiba is based exclusively on experience at many consumers and partners

6. Natural Softener

Soft, softer – Copaiba. The pure and non-distilled Copaiba Oil has a verry soft structure that quickly absorbs on still moist skin and leaves a sensationally soft feeling on your skin. The pure Copaiba is a natural mix of resin, oil and water-bound terpenes. Due to this composition the Oil would be absorbed quickly and penetrates the skin deeply. The lightweight Oil virtually melts into the skin, leaving skin feeling pleasantly silky, balanced and relaxed.

7. Diminish Scars

The topical properties of Copaiba oil make it such an verry important ingredient in skin formulations and dermatological products. The use of copaiba oil in conjunction with Andiroba Oil can help reduce scars and making it softer and more elastic. In Brazil, the effective Combination is apply by more and more womens to reduce and remove blemishes and stretch marks post pregnancy.

8. Reduce Stomach-Problems

The pure Copaiba has been known to provide relief from stomach ulcers, and in some cases, even stomach chronic gastro-intestinal problems. From the traditional uses have been able to identify anti-Gastritis activity, while other studies remain unclear on the anti-Gastritis properties of copaiba oil. However, pure doses copaiba oil can help reduce stomach ulcers or gastrointestinal problems. However, studies have been unable to conclusively tell us what copaiba oil is most effective on, often only hinting at incomplete studies and possible benefits. But then, traditional medicine lauds copaiba oil, and it has been believed to provide most of the benefits on Gastritis.

9. Antiphlogistic from chronic skin conditions

Neurodermatitis and Psoriasis are typical barrier disorder and chronic inflammatory diseases accompanied by erythema and itching. By the growing number of consumed toxins through air, water, food, and consumer products the number of notified cases of skin problems has noticeably increased. First, of course, as a patient you should change your lifestyle radically. We know that many will not tell you – That is we do ot now – The first step is to change the nutrition lifestyle:

“Food” like meat, milk, their derivatives and products of animal origin you have to spread from the food plan. Many widespread disorders like diabetes (Psoriasis can be a result of diabetes) have their source in all levels by poor nutrition in the case of animal “foods”. Two additional grounds is consumption of sugar or chemical sweeteners and poor water. In Fact: Our Water is dead and contaminated by fluoride, toxine and heavy metals.

Before you start treatment with Copaiba you have to change your life:

  1. Stop or reduce your consumation of meat or animal-based products
  2. Buy yourself a water filter, preferably made of copper.
  3. Use fluoride-free tooth paste & salt
  4. Buy organic Foods regionally if possible
  5. Eat extra or mainly raw vegetables

When you have implemented all five Tipps should you begin to support your Skin with Copaiba + Andiroba. Both raw materials can actually help balance your skin visibly and has the potential of relieving the symptoms. It is clear proven that Copaiba can reduce heavy itch as a result of rash, dermatitis and contact allergies. Thus, a existing skin problem could be alleviated if the itching is suppressed.

10. Natural Immunopotentiation

The possible effects of Copaiba on the immune system is currently the subject of intensive investigation and testing. As has been pointed out, that Copaiba oil has a full spectrum of characteristics and the following biological or pharmacological effects are analyze in worldwide research activities: anabolic, adaptogenic, antisclerotic, cardiotonic, membrane-stabilizing, radioprotectoring, antioxidant, antitoxic, antiinflammatory, peristalsis-regulating, immunopotentiating, regeneration-stimulating through wound healing, antiulceric, antianemic, erythro- and leucopoiesis.

Initial studies show that Copaiba has a high potential as a natural immunoregulator and even help to reduce the side-effects of pharmaceutical products. In a study from Tokyo was twice as effective at increasing the lifespan in mice with carcinomas by 98% compared to the standard chemotherapy drug 5-Fluorouacil (increased lifespan by 46%). In view of the rules and guidelines of the cancer treatment, Copaiba in conjunction with the classical treatment methods can be additional therapy-supporting.

A other study by a Spanish research team documented copaiba’s antimicrobial effects also tested for in vitro antitumor effects on human lung carcinoma, human colon carcinoma, human melanoma and mouse lymphoid neoplasm cell lines.

Note: The description in the context of Cancer exclusively refers to the studies (Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 1994; 4: 2889–92) and does not constitute any obligation recommended dosage or therapy recommendation.

The unknown Secret of Copaiba + Andiroba

A well-kept secret was only known by the Natives and a handful of scientis or research companies is the combination of Copaiba Oil and Andiroba Oil. Both oil interact and thus multiply or mutually reinforce one another. The interesting thing is that the Andiroba Oil contains bioactive substances which – when used preventively – should prevent the formation of cellulite by enzymatic blockade on his inhibitory action on the enzyme G6PDH. In turn, Copaiba strengthen the effectiveness of Andiroba and both can be used as solid foundation for preventive Cellulite formulations, innovative drugs and pharmaceutical products.

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